Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the profiles?

Installation instructions may change over times as Lightroom evolves. So check with Adobe for specifics for your version.

Lightroom CC & Lightroom Mobile

This is the only known method to import profiles to Lightroom CC (desktop, web, and mobile verisons).

  1. Have Lightroom CC installed on a desktop Mac or Windows machine.
  2. Launch Lightroom CC
  3. File > Import Profiles & Presets
  4. Select the .xmp files from this download
  5. Select Import

The profiles will now appear in the Edit view (View > Edit) under the Profile panel. It may take several minutes for these changes to sync to your other devices.

Lightroom Classic & ACR

This works for installing for Lightroom Classic and ACR for use with Photoshop.

NOTE this method will not sync profiles to Lightroom Mobile to our knowledge.

If you you use Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile you must follow the installation steps for both Lighroom CC & Lightroom Classic (this is Adobe's doing not ours).

Via Preferences

  1. Have Lightroom Classic installed.
  2. Launch Lightroom Classic
  3. Open preferences
  4. Go to the Presets tab
  5. Click the Show Lightroom Develop Presets button. This should open a Settings folder.
  6. Copy the .xmp files from this download to the Settings folder.
  7. Restart Lightroom


  1. You can also navigate directly to the Settings folder:


    Macintosh HD/Library/Users/[user]/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings/

  2. Copy the presets into the selected Settings folder.

  3. Restart Lightroom